But you can’t – SAVAGE

Damn fucking good band. Priest are fucking awesome people who like this will most likely like Nazareth; Changin Times song, Miss Missery, No mean City, Witchdoctor Woman, Sold My soul, Hard Living, Shapes of Things, Beggars day. These are just for starters if you like these I will recommend more. Priest and Nazareth Fucking Rock.

hermygagala anno 2011 at youtube

HOT! Denim Jacket !!!


If there is a jacket, which you can practically put over everything, it’s a good old denim jacket. This season you can wear it with pride because it’s great and fashionable, but with a conditionality – it should be oversized. The oversized models of denim jackets will dominate in the spring and we will be able to wear them bravely in any combination.

If you see a wide, vintage look denim jacket, which in no way stays poured on your body – this is your model! See some ideas on how you can wear it.