Welcome ,Autumn!


The transition of astronomical summer to astronomical autumn is already felt and in fact there is nothing wrong about it because the autumn is a season accompanied by magical emotions …

esenAutumn is the season of warm, pastel, earth colors …

The season of roasted pumpkins, apples, warm aromatic drinks, a cappuccino with a lot of foam, soft vests, beautiful nights with starred sky, nostalgia, melancholy, cinnamon…


Autumn is love …

Wavy Lips

Earlier this month, the wavy eyebrows have become popular ,these who looks like a caterpillar , and then the lips followed. After all the strange fashion trends lately, now is the time for the wavy lips, for which I just do not know what to think. Is not it a joke, a satire of today’s beauty community? But one thing is certain – every time we open Twitter or Instagram, we see a new obsession ranging from something daring to something completely insane. If so, we fully support it. But maybe these girls really like their lips?

Week of the stars we remember from children *5*

Emma Watson


The smart Hermione also does not stay in one place in real life: Emma Watson slowly, but surely conquers Hollywood! The beauty in Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast,” the courageous friend of the journalist in the movie “Colonia”, is only part of the roles that reveal the talent of the 27-year-old actress. harmione

But also she is popular with her great sense of style ,who attract the attention of many, and perhaps because of that, she has become the youngest star on the cover of Vogue magazine.