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Goodbye, summer!

Summer goes by quietly, lazily and scorchingly. Summer is sand, the smell of the sea, salt on the skin, sunny smiles, bare feet, freedom. But it goes away and no one can stop it. He decided that his days would pass quickly, dizzyingly, hotly, just like in any past and future summer. But it will not go away from a single place, and that is your heart. Because summer is not just a season, it is a way of life. It is sweet timelessness, hot days, long nights, mastic, watermelon, tarator and lots of laughter.

Goodbye, summer, thank you for what happened to me!

HOT! Denim Jacket !!!


If there is a jacket, which you can practically put over everything, it’s a good old denim jacket. This season you can wear it with pride because it’s great and fashionable, but with a conditionality – it should be oversized. The oversized models of denim jackets will dominate in the spring and we will be able to wear them bravely in any combination.

If you see a wide, vintage look denim jacket, which in no way stays poured on your body – this is your model! See some ideas on how you can wear it.






Women’s Day 2019 Makeup Ideas

You already have plans. You know that you and your girlfriends have chosen the right restaurant and bought an incredible dress. You’ve chosen a hairstyle, but the only thing you’re missing is a good make-up.

If you are still looking for a beautiful and elegant makeup, here are some ideas:



Sparkle Pink Make up 

If you ask me, Women’s Day is the right time for a sweet rose vision. The glitter must also be present. Also, add long artificial eyelashes and highlighter.



Elegant and Classical Vision

If you like the classic and elegant look, this is your makeup. Red lipstick is always in vogue.



Brilliant romance
With this makeup, you will be irresistible. Romance comes with a light glow that will make your makeup perfect.



Make your eyes glow

This incredible makeup will make your vision more stunning. Add a beautiful lipstick to finish your vision. The nuances can be chosen according to your mood.

Halloween manicure

And here comes Halloween (October 31), a holiday that people love and are looking forward to. You can get involved in celebrating the “eerie feast” by doing a good manicure. Or you can add it to your suit to make it even more impressive. That’s why I collected some Halloween manicure ideas to inspire you and bring a little mood to the holiday. The dark colors are dominated – black, orange, but there are more striking suggestions.









Welcome ,Autumn!


The transition of astronomical summer to astronomical autumn is already felt and in fact there is nothing wrong about it because the autumn is a season accompanied by magical emotions …

esenAutumn is the season of warm, pastel, earth colors …

The season of roasted pumpkins, apples, warm aromatic drinks, a cappuccino with a lot of foam, soft vests, beautiful nights with starred sky, nostalgia, melancholy, cinnamon…


Autumn is love …

Week of the stars we remember from children *5*

Emma Watson


The smart Hermione also does not stay in one place in real life: Emma Watson slowly, but surely conquers Hollywood! The beauty in Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast,” the courageous friend of the journalist in the movie “Colonia”, is only part of the roles that reveal the talent of the 27-year-old actress. harmione

But also she is popular with her great sense of style ,who attract the attention of many, and perhaps because of that, she has become the youngest star on the cover of Vogue magazine.