Week of the stars we remember from children *5*

Emma Watson


The smart Hermione also does not stay in one place in real life: Emma Watson slowly, but surely conquers Hollywood! The beauty in Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast,” the courageous friend of the journalist in the movie “Colonia”, is only part of the roles that reveal the talent of the 27-year-old actress. harmione

But also she is popular with her great sense of style ,who attract the attention of many, and perhaps because of that, she has become the youngest star on the cover of Vogue magazine.


Get rid of unnecessary clothing and accessories

Each of us has at least 10 things he no longer uses in his wardrobe. This can be an incredibly difficult task, because there are things that we have been gathering for years and those to which we are emotionally bound.

But from time to time we need to throw away our unnecessary clothes and accessories. Not only to make room for new ones, but also to make room for new memories. The phrase “I have so many clothes and I have nothing to wear” is not a accidental. The more you accumulate and wear without renewing your wardrobe, the more it seems that nothing new comes into it. You do not have to do a huge cleaning the wardrobe at once, it is easier and saving time is to just do things step by step. So…let me help you:

 Loose and worn bras


Face and body products that are almost empty and do not use because you already have new ones


Sneakers that are literally torn from wear but are so comfortable


Any garment that has not been worn for the last 9 months


Old Bags bags

Hair accessories you do not use


Old T-shirts you do not even use for sleep


Torn pantyhose


And when I say to throw away, I mean to donate, recycle or sell.

Love like in a fairy tale… or not?

Тhe prince awakened the princess with a kiss. He struggled with dragons and witches to save his beloved. He found her on the shoe that was hers. Whatever they did, she and he always lived happily by the end of their days.

That was what is wrote in the tales. The prince always found his princess. The princess always found her prince. And they always lived in love and understanding. After the fairytales we

watched movies, read books, listen to love songs – and they all suggested that everyone had their mate. Everyone has a soul mate that one day will discover. That we live – in the hope that our man awaits us. It’s a matter of time to meet him … But nobody ever asked the question: If you do not have a soul mate? If nobody is waiting for you anywhere? Yes, it is not the dream scenario. For him, tales are not written. But he’s so damn possible. You may never meet your soul mate. You can live alone for the rest of your days. We are afraid to say these words out from fear that they will really happen. Because we will kill the hope. And if we kill the faith in love, what would we have then? We living for love ,right? Yet, in real life this tale exists – the prince and the princess never find themselves. It’s not fair, but who said life is fair. And here you realize that you are not prepared for the bad scenario. And the worst thing is to be unprepared for the worst. Having no soul mate is not scary, it’s not shameful, and you’re not the biggest loser. Maybe it’s just fate. Your life has assigned another mission. And it is to look for your soul mate elsewhere – among friends, in yourself, in experiences and moments, in things that make you feel alive. It’s hard, but you learn. You change your chip. You change the setting. You’re doing somehow. You no longer wait for anyone. There are no empty hopes. You stop asking, “When? Who? Why? Why to me?”. You seek love in its other forms and manifestations. Maybe you are your soul mate. Perhaps your tale is not like the others …

Having a mate is a good thing. To have no, however, is not a drama. You should not turn it into a drama. Because love still exists – it is a matter of inner awareness and feeling. And to find her, you do not need a prince or a princess. You need only yourself.

The real Lady

How do you know the real lady? She will definitely have these qualities:

Lady’s behaviour
No matter what happens around her, she behaves like a lady. We all know at least one woman who seems to be transformed when she is in a bigger company – she becomes noisy, especially conversational, her stories are always exaggerated, and her gestures are exaggerated and unnatural. True ladies do not behave like this. They do not want to attract attention with similar behaviour. A real lady do not speaks only empty words, just to hear her voice. She has ideas, personal opinion, and the ability to talk. She is also an excellent “adversary” in the disputes. In short: her intelligence is clear in conversation. Because there are times when you have to talk, there are times when you have to listen. But when she speaks, she speaks with confidence. And she knows she has to keep his word. That’s why she never talks bullshit and does not give empty promises.

Lady’s style

The real lady always looks neat and elegant, but she is not obsessed with her appearance. Her beauty looks natural, it seems like to shine effortlessly. Her face is not hidden under 10 layers of makeup, and her accessories are tastefully selected. She does not need any strange and ridiculous shoes ,with that she can not even walk. She also dresses stylish and her clothing is never vulgar. The fashion comes and goes, but she does not follow them blindly, but only takes those trends that fit her personal style.

Ladie’s love life

If a woman with class is in love with you, do not take it for granted. She wants to be with you, but she can live without you. You can say goodbye to her if you start doing it. She knows her worth and has the right amount of self-confidence. If you do not appreciate her, if you behave rudely and disparagingly, she will not hesitate to leave.

So, men, if you have such a woman beside yourself, be careful. You can easily lose the greatest wealth in your life!